2017 US Amateur Team North

2017 US Amateur Team North

US Amateur Team North




2016 U.S. Amateur Team Championship North
February 17-19, 2017

The 2017 U.S. Amateur Team Championship North will take place February 17-19, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, 1800 E. Golf Rd., Schaumburg, Illinois.

Event Information: 5 round Swiss, open to 4 player teams with one optional alternate. Teams average rating (January 2017 rating list) must be under 2200.

Time Controls: Game/90 +30s increment from move 1. Rounds 1 and 2 in the 2-day schedule play Game/60, d5.

Entry Fees: $160 per team if received USPS or online by 6pm on February 5th, $180 if received USPS or online by 6pm on February 12th, $200 online until 6pm on February 19th and onsite.

Individuals wishing to play, send $50 and request to be put on team by USPS and online by 6pm on February 14th,  or $60 thereafter.

Team changes onsite or after 6pm on February 17th, $20.

Prizes: Awards to top two teams, top teams with average rating Under 1900, Under 1600,Under 1300. and Under 1000. Award for Best Team Name, Best Costume or theme. Winning team qualifies for national play-offs. Prizes to best team composed of juniors (high school and younger), college team, best HS team, top Senior team, top team of coach and students. Prizes to top score on each board. Prizes are players choice of a selected clock or equivalent book store credit. Special raffle with prizes for players staying at the Hyatt!

Schedule: 3-day, onsite registration/check-in February 17, 5:30pm-6:30pm. Round 1; February 17, 7pm, Round 2; February 18, 10am, Round 3; February 18, 4pm, Round 4; February 19, 10am and Round 5; February 19, 3:30pm.

2-day, onsite registration/check-in February 18, 8am-9:30am. Round 1; February 18, 10am, Round 2; February 18, 1pm then merge with 3-day schedule in Round 3.

Northern Blitz Championship: 5 round Swiss, Saturday night, February 18. Entry fee $25 if received USPS or online by February 16th, $30 at site. Round 1; 8pm, 2 games with each opponent.

Hotel: Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, 1800 E. Golf Rd., Schaumburg, IL 60173. Telephone 847-605-1234. $95.00 chess rate single-double-triple-quad until 2/3/17, Free WiFi included with Room! Please reserve early.

To Enter: Make checks payable to and send to: Chess Weekend, 21694 Doud Ct., Frankfort, IL 60423. Please include Teams name and roster (plus ID#), captains email and phone number, and desired schedule. Info: 815-955-4793 before 8pm.

9 comments to 2017 US Amateur Team North

  • What rating range of players do you expect to play in this event? We have a couple team members that are very new and are concerned that they may be wasting people’s time by playing.

    Also, how are you handling ratings for players who are new to the USCF?

  • glennpan

    Hi Eric,

    We are expecting a very wide range of players. We added an additional U1000 prize, so I would anticipate that we will have even more lower rated and beginning players than usual. For the handling of ratings, it depends on the situation. If an unrated player is playing on board 4 for your team, we will approximate a rating which is 50 points below the board 3 rating. If you have a specific set of players, I can give you a more direct answer. Thanks,


  • I can field a team if I can have two unrated players. It would be myself (Eric Lindauer ~1960 USCF), Nicholas Schreiner (~1135 USCF) and two beginner unrated players. If you can accomodate that team, we’ll sign up! Thanks.

  • If it helps, one of our unrated players, Laura Morrissey, actual did get a quick rating years ago: http://www.uschess.org/msa/MbrDtlMain.php?14717653

  • Yuri Ashuev

    I am new to Chicago chess scene — registered as an individual w/o a team; I am rated in the 2100s (not a kid anymore so probably over-rated) so if anyone is looking for USAT North team member (ideally for Bd 2) I am happy to talk. Send me a message on LinkedIn or leave your contact info here.



  • Kevin Fite

    You have our team order mixed up. Can you please make changes? Should be (see below)

    UPREP A Team
    Kameron Wilson
    Michael Thomas
    Maxwell Motley
    Paris Canty

    UPREP B Team
    Brelen Wilkes
    Abdurrahman Bayi
    Walter Hamilton
    Canaan Thomas

  • L R

    What time does on site blitz registration close?

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