2014 IL K-8 Puzzle Solving Contest

The puzzle solving contest is my favorite of the side events.  It only lasts 30 minutes, and here are the rules:


All participants are given a packet of 20 puzzles at the start of the contest.  These puzzles are Mate-in-one, two, three, and four puzzles.  The players are allowed to use a board to analyze on, if they wish.  Players will write down the answers for the puzzles on the included answer sheet.

The player that gets the most correct answers within the 30 minute time limit is the winner.  In the case of a tie, it is decided by who turned the quiz in the shortest amount of time.

The puzzle solving contest takes place on Saturday evening following the 4th round.


4 comments to 2014 IL K-8 Puzzle Solving Contest

  • Jonathan

    Is there a separate registration for this, or can any of the kids in the tournament just stay and participate?

  • glennpan

    Same place you registered online for the regular tournament. But yes, it is also possible to register for it at the site.

  • Lori

    I tried to register my son for this, but the $20 entry fee was grayed out. Also, there was no entry fee for the master simul, so I couldn’t register for that either. Please let me know what I’ve done wrong. Thank you!

  • Jason

    Hi, earlier this evening I participated in the puzzle solving competition. I used up all of my time because I was stuck on problem #11. It said it was mate in 2. Being curious about the problem, as soon as I got back to my house I went on Fritz to see the solution. There was no mate in 2, only 2 mates in 3! Just notifying you that one of the problems was impossible.

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