2014 IL K-8 Blitz Championship

Final Blitz Standings:


place points Rate Group Player Name TBrk1 TBrk2 TBrk3 Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 5 1856 68 Bartochowski, Nicholas J 15 18 15 W13 W11 W5 W4 W3
2 4.5 1642 68 Thain, Jack 12 14.5 13.5 W15 W17 D9 W24 W10
3 4 1783 45 Daniels, Jason 15.5 17.5 14 W22 W6 W28 W9 L1
4 4 1609 68 Venkat, Abhyudhaya 14 17 13 W19 W16 W10 L1 W13
5 4 1176 45 Chandrasekar, Vishal 13.5 15.5 12 W25 W12 L1 W26 W14
6 4 1467 68 Harris, Sawyer 11 12 11 W45 L3 W46 W16 W15
7 4 1377 68 Lavari, Kavin 10.5 12.5 10 L9 W32 W33 W28 W12
8 4 1315 23 Mahajan, Jai N 10 12 10 L10 W33 W30 W29 W11
9 3.5 1900 68 Kalghatgi, Akhil 15.5 18 11.5 W7 W40 D2 L3 W24
10 3 1799 68 Kalghatgi, Nikhil 15.5 18 11 W8 W14 L4 W17 L2
11 3 1601 68 Bala, Shashank 15 16 10 W18 L1 W47 W21 L8
12 3 1684 68 Musikic, Stefan 13.5 15.5 10 W50 L5 W26 W18 L7
13 3 1354 45 Buklis, Joseph 13 15 9 L1 W31 W36 W25 L4
14 3 1419 45 Carey, Aidan M 12.5 14.5 10 W20 L10 W32 W27 L5
15 3 1259 68 Wong, Matthew 12.5 13.5 9 L2 W43 W34 W31 L6
16 3 946 68 Davis, Clayton 12 13 9 W36 L4 W44 L6 W34
17 3 1118 68 Fogel, Alex 11.5 11.5 8 -B- L2 W37 L10 W31
18 3 1073 68 Smith, Alex 10 12 8 L11 W34 W38 L12 W30
19 3 1095 45 Davis, Jacob David 10 11.5 7 L4 W35 L25 W32 W39
20 3 681 45 Ursu, Alexander E 10 11.5 7 L14 W39 L40 W37 W35
21 3 1014 45 Wong, Ryan B 10 11 8 L40 W45 W35 L11 W29
22 3 1293 45 Weinzweig, Justin 10 10.5 7 L3 W51 L31 W36 W28
23 3 821 68 Sevcik, Thomas Richard 7 7.5 6 L30 L44 W49 W33 W38
24 2.5 1632 45 Madigan, Emmett 8.5 15 9.5 D26 W27 W29 L2 L9
25 2.5 524 45 Lavoie, Aiden 8.5 12.5 6.5 L5 -B- W19 L13 D27
26 2.5 1155 23 Zhang, James 7.5 12.5 7.5 D24 W30 L12 L5 W48
27 2.5 848 23 Schuster, Anton Ka 6 9.5 8.5 W39 L24 W51 L14 D25
28 2 658 68 Rupp, Carson C 11 15 9 W37 W38 L3 L7 L22
29 2 544 45 Salazar-sobin, Ethan 9.5 13.5 9 W41 W50 L24 L8 L21
30 2 552 68 Musikic, Aleksandra 9.5 13.5 7 W23 L26 L8 W46 L18
31 2 576 45 Thompson, Luke 9.5 12.5 8 W44 L13 W22 L15 L17
32 2 628 68 Pressburger, Jolie K 9 13 6 W42 L7 L14 L19 W45
33 2 594 68 Wakeman, Jack F 9 13 6 W48 L8 L7 L23 W47
34 2 542 68 Kane, William X 9 12 7 W47 L18 L15 W41 L16
35 2 23 Zander, Telford D 8.5 11.5 7 W49 L19 L21 W42 L20
36 2 615 68 Buck, Christopher 8.5 11.5 5 L16 W41 L13 L22 W51
37 2 412 68 Schillage, Austin 7.5 10.5 5 L28 W42 L17 L20 W46
38 2 284 68 Buck, Charlie 7 10 7 W46 L28 L18 W44 L23
39 2 575 K1 Daniels, Alexander 6.5 9.5 4 L27 L20 -B- W47 L19
40 2 1575 45 Wallach, David Roosevelt 6 9.5 8 W21 L9 W20 -N- -N-
41 2 788 45 Ravisundar, Rahul 6 8 4 L29 L36 W45 L34 W44
42 2 645 45 Frey, Connor 5.5 7.5 4 L32 L37 W48 L35 W49
43 1.5 371 45 Khuri, Remo 3.5 6.5 2.5 D51 L15 L50 L48 -B-
44 1 45 Zander, Henry G 9 12 4 L31 W23 L16 L38 L41
45 1 998 68 Wilburn, Adrian 7.5 11.5 2 L6 L21 L41 W51 L32
46 1 633 45 Broach, Benjamin Ronald 7 11 4 L38 W48 L6 L30 L37
47 1 743 68 Weissler, Joseph K 6 9 4 L34 W49 L11 L39 L33
48 1 937 45 Bullock, Jacob 6 8.5 2 L33 L46 L42 W43 L26
49 1 512 23 Fogel, Jonah 5 8 1 L35 L47 L23 -B- L42
50 1 1286 68 Wallach, Adam Tiberius 3 6 3 L12 L29 W43 -N- -N-
51 0.5 646 68 Johnson, Tyler 6.5 9.5 2.5 D43 L22 L27 L45 L36







Held Friday evening, the Blitz tournament is the largest of the side events, and provides a lot of chess for the $15 EF.  Rules for the Blitz are listed below:


1. Blitz will be played using Touch-Move rules. Clock-Move rules no longer apply.
Therefore, if a player touches one piece, then moves another and presses the clock, the opponent
may press the player’s clock to force the player to move the piece touched, or may stop the clock
to claim a violation. A penalty may be assessed.
2. One “round” of Blitz chess consists of 2 games, one played with the White pieces, the other
played with the Black pieces (and vice-versa for the opponent). White first goes to the player
whose name appears on the left-hand side of the Pairing Sheet.
3. Each player must make all of his moves in the five minutes allotted on his clock. Time
delay feature will not be used.
4. All the clocks must either have a special device, usually called a flag, or be a digital clock.
a. Whatever clock is used, analog or digital, the clock must continue to run for both sides
even if one side’s time has expired.
b. A digital timer (given it meets the requirements of 4a) is preferred over an analog
c. If Black and White have equivalent clocks (e.g. both analog, or both digital), then the
player with Black chooses the clock provided that player is at the board when the round begins.
5. Before play begins both players should inspect the position of their pieces and the setting of
the clock, since once each side has made a move all claims for correcting either are null and
void. The only exception is if one or both players have more than five minutes on their clock,
then the tournament director (TD) may reduce the time accordingly.
a. If the King and Queen are set up incorrectly, it is legal to castle short on the Queenside
and long on the Kingside.
b. If an illegal position is created or an illegal move made without the opponent making a
claim, the position stands and a claim not allowed when the opponent has determined the next
move (e.g. has released his piece on its destination square).
6. Each player must press the clock button with the same hand he uses to move his pieces.
This rule also applies to castling and capturing.
7. The TD may state at the start of the event the direction the clocks are to face. The player
with the Black pieces then chooses which side of the table on which to sit.
8. Except for pushing the clock button, neither player should touch the clock except: USCF Scholastic Blitz Rules
a. To straighten it.
b. If either player knocks over the clock, his opponent gets one minute added to his clock.
c. If your opponent’s clock does not begin you may push his side down and re-punch your
side; however, if this procedure is unsatisfactory, please call for a TD.
d. Each player must always be allowed to push his clock after making his move. Neither
player should keep his hand on, or hovering over, the clock.
9. Defining a win.
a. A game is won by the player:
1) Who has mated his opponent’s King.
2) Whose opponent resigns.
3) Whose opponent’s flag falls first, at any time before the game is otherwise ended,
provided he points it out and neutralizes the clock while his own flag is still up and
that player still has mating material.
4) Who, after an illegal move, takes the opponent’s King (if the King is in check) or
claims the win and stops the clock.
b. An illegal move doesn’t negate a player’s right to claim on time, provided he does so
prior to his opponent’s claim of an illegal move. If the claims are simultaneous the player who
made an illegal move loses.
c. Either two minor pieces (except K vs K+N+N), a Pawn, a Rook or a Queen is sufficient
mating material.
10. Defining a draw.
a. A game is a draw:
1) If one of the Kings is stalemated, even if a flag fall is claimed simultaneously.
2) By agreement between the players during the game only.
3) If the flag of one player falls after the flag of the other player has already fallen
and a win has not been claimed, unless either side mates before noticing both flags
down. Checkmate nullifies any later time claims.
4) If one player has insufficient mating material (see 9c above) when the opponent’s
flag falls or makes an illegal move.
b. To claim a draw by perpetual check, a three-time repetition is necessary with the player
counting 1, 2, 3, out loud so as to make it quite clear and easier for the TDs to assist. The
claimant should stop the clock after the third repetition.
c. “Insufficient Losing Chances” (ILC) claims will be allowed only under the following
1) If both players each have just one identical piece and if neither side can show a
forced win. USCF Scholastic Blitz Rules
2) In K+Bishop vs K+Bishop and the Bishops are of opposite colors, with only one
Pawn on the board, provided that no forced win can be demonstrated.
3) K+Rook Pawn vs K can be claimed as a draw once the defender’s King is on the
Rook file in front of the Pawn. K+Pawn vs K can be claimed as a draw once the
defender is on the square directly in front of the Pawn, as long as the Pawn is not
on the 7th rank.
4) K+R+Rook Pawn vs K+R is a draw if the Pawn is blockaded by the King and there
is no immediate win demonstrated.
11. If a player accidentally displaces one or more pieces, he shall replace them on his own time.
If it is necessary, the opponent may start the offending player’s clock without making a move in
order to make sure that the culprit uses his own time while replacing the pieces.
12. It is unsportsmanlike conduct to knock over any pieces then punch the clock. For the first
offense the player will get a warning from the TD (unless this causes his flag to fall, in which
case the opponent will get one extra minute added to his clock). For a second offense the TD
will add one minute a one minute to the opponent’s clock. For a third offense the offender shall
forfeit the game. Thereafter, the TD may use other penalties or expel a player from the event for
repeated offenses.
13. In case of a dispute either player may stop the clock to summon a TD. In any unclear
situation the TD will consider the testimony of both players and any reliable witnesses before
rendering his decision. If a player wishes to appeal the decision of a TD, the player must first
appeal to the Section Chief. Then, if necessary, the player may appeal to the Chief TD whose
decision in all cases is final.
14. The TD shall not pick up the clock; except in the case of a dispute.
15. Spectators and players in other games are not to speak or otherwise interfere in a game. If a
spectator interferes in any way, such as by calling attention to the flag fall or pointing out an
illegal move, the TD may cancel the game and rule that a new game be played. The TD may
also expel the offending party from the playing room. If the offending party is participating in
the event, penalties at the discretion of the TD may be assessed up to expulsion from the event.
16. When a clearly drawn position is reached (see Rule 10), either player may stop the clocks
and appeal to the TD for a draw.
a. If the TD rules a draw, the game is over.
b. If the TD denies the claim, the TD will impose a one minute penalty (or half the
remaining time if less than two minutes remain) on the player who made the claim
and stopped the clock.
17. Illegal moves, unnoticed by both players, cannot be corrected afterwards, nor can they
become the basis for making a claim. An illegal move is completed when the player presses the
clock, whereupon the opponent may claim a win. USCF Scholastic Blitz Rules

18. Moving the King next to another King is illegal, and neither player can play King takes
19. If a player promotes a Pawn and leaves the Pawn on the board, only the opponent has the
option of stopping the clocks while a replacement piece is found.
20. Only a TD may determine if a clock is defective and change clocks.
21. Excessive banging of pieces or clock will not be tolerated. The offending player may be
penalized with loss of time.
22. Each player is responsible for coming to the game with a clock. If neither player has a clock,
then both players will receive a forfeit loss for both games. All players are required to know how
to operate their clock and how to make any changes to the clock that may be necessary during a
23. Until superseded, the Official Rules of Chess (5th edition) and the online “Rulebook
Changes [2003-2013]” shall be used to resolve any situation not covered by these Scholastic
Blitz Rules.


2 comments to 2014 IL K-8 Blitz Championship

  • Nancy Slichenmyer

    My son plans to participate in the IL K-8 Chess Championships this year.
    He is also interested in playing in the Blitz tournament, and will play Bughouse as well.
    I saw the Blitz tournament scheduled for Friday night, after Bughouse. I think this has been the schedule for the last few years, at least.
    However, this form (at the top of this page) specifies that the Blitz tournament will take place Saturday night.
    Can you please clarify and specify which is accurate?
    Also – is there a ‘convenience fee’ to register for Blitz on-line ?
    Thank you for your assistance.

  • glennpan

    Hi Nancy,

    No convenience fee for the Blitz. The Blitz is Friday night, and has been corrected. Thanks for the catch!


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